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Sholahuddin, some friends call me as masudin. I’m only an ordinary people who try to learn computers and internet. Learn from listening, viewing, and feeling what is around us, think and write just get no frozen brain. Always wanted to learn to become better. At the time many people prefer to use free speech sometimes is not controlled, I am against the flow with a freedom of thinking in words that I publish on this blog.

1Fill spare time to listening dangdut and pop music like Rhoma, Evi Tamala, ST12, Ungu Band, and many more while writing articles, facebooking and blogging. My main job as a teacher, but some of my friends say that my main job is a blogger and teaching as a hobby. Working as the review writer on the internet, website designer, teacher, and others.

4Sholahuddin has ideas to share. Share the love, affection, happiness, knowledge, experiences, stories, humor, tips-tricks and anything. Beautiful things in life is to share and can be useful for other people. In addition, this blog also contains some articles which are reviews of a website, blog, products, or services. Only an effort to stay alive in a way seek additional revenue through the internet.

Why this blog I write in English? initially I write this blog in Indonesian language, but because I want this blog can also be read by all the people I try to write in English even though the ability to very limited, so please be advised. Furthermore, this blog is to get some money from the paid reviews programs.
In addition to managing this blog, I also have several blogs with themes that vary. The desire to become a blogger, I continue to learn and write in the hope that a time can be a blogger. Blogger is also a work that ought to be.

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